Monday, October 27, 2014


This is no joke, gimmick or sales pitch.  This is legitimate.  All you need to do is read this and you'll understand.  We the People of the USA have been robbed by our politicians for 101 years.  When we unite against our politicians instead of voting for them, we will be able to recover everything they stole from us.

The robbery began in 1913 when Congress allowed the Rothschild banking criminals and their bankster pals to open up their Federal Reserve Bank.  It's a private bank, not owned or controlled by Congress in any manner whatsoever.  Yes, I know, TV, the FED itself and most of our politicians lie about this to try to make you think that people like me who tell the truth are crazy. That's not true.  We're just people who read a lot and understand the crime.  We tell the truth.

When the FED opened, it effectively stole all of the money in the USA and passed out their Federal Reserve Notes in place of gold and silver.  They kept creating much more money than the value of the gold and silver and by 1933, they had collected most of the gold in the country when FDR required all Americans to turn in their gold in exchange for Federal Reserve paper.  This happened at the same time the USA declared bankruptcy and wound up in receivership of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other Rothschild owned corporations.  The bankruptcy provoked a quagmire of legal deception that's extremely complicated and way more information than any sane person wants to know.

What matters here is that this led to fractional lending by all banks where our signatures created the money we used to buy our homes.  I know, that makes no sense but that's the way it works.  We sign a mortgage, our signature creates the money to pay the seller and a lawyer runs down to the registry of deeds to file some deceptive paperwork that keeps us all ignorant of what just happened and cons us all into paying for 30 years on a debt that we just paid ourselves.  So, we pay the principle twice and then we pay two or three times more than that with the interest.  This money creation by us, through the banks, causes inflation which ensures that most people never gain any higher spendable income because it's all planned out by the guys who own the FED to keep us all working just to pay our phony debt.

If Congress had kept issuing money as the Constitution requires them to do instead of letting the FED rob us, an average house would cost about $5,000.  There would be no national debt and there would be no IRS.

So, what's the justification for all of to have free houses now?  If Congress had not allowed the FED to issue money, they would not have been able to steal hundreds of trillions of dollars from us since 1913.  If Congress had issued the money like they're supposed to, there would be no reason for any of us to pay any interest on any loan or any taxes.  Congress can issue money the same way the FED does, just by printing the bills with nothing to back it up, no gold, no silver, nothing at all, like magic.

WE the People own the country and we would be absolute fools to charge ourselves interest on our own money.  Do you like watching your kids struggle for 30 years to pay off their interest bearing student loans? There's no good reason to charge our kids that interest.  There's no reason to charge ourselves interest on any money that the Federal Reserve loans to us either.  Congress should be printing that money themselves instead of causing debt for the 300 million of us to pay.  The entire $17 trillion national debt is thus illegal since all Congress ever had to do was fire up a printing press, print 17 pieces of paper that say  $1 trillion dollars on them and hand them over to whoever it was borrowed from.  Yes, it's really that simple.  That's what the Federal Reserve does.  Don't ask your elected criminals about this though because most of them will refuse to acknowledge that you asked the question and a few of them are actually smart enough to lie to you about it and make you believe that I'm a lunatic.  Nope, I just read a lot and this is how the robbery works.  You're not supposed to know.

So, anyhow, there is one little catch to actually claiming your free house.  We all have to unite to fire all of these politicians who robbed us.  Signing this document provides that unity  and adds protection to our system of government so that nobody will ever be able to rob us like this again.  Telling all of your friends to help the whole country learn the truth is the key.  It's needs to be a large majority of us standing up to our corrupt government and throwing them out of office, all of them.  This is how we sway Public Opinion and stop being afraid of the monster we created by letting Congress start giving orders to us.  Those thieves are our servants and all of us have to unite to make sure no member of Congress ever forgets that again.  No matter what our government gives you now, whether it be food stamps, any form of checks, free rent or anything at all, you will do much better when we go back to creating all of our money without debt.  When we create the money, nobody ever has to pay it back.  Don't let that statement confuse you.  We've been fooled for 101 years and none of us know what real money is.  It's true.  We take out houses back from the banks and give the 18 million bank owned vacant houses to whoever needs them.  Nobody loses but the banksters who robbed us blind for 101 years.  Yes, this will crash the banks, on our terms, and nobody will lose a dime.  We'll seize the buildings, keep their employees working and make the changes we need to make so that nobody has to worry about their money again.

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