Thursday, June 26, 2014

Exposing Liars, A Glimpse at Propaganda

Everything is propaganda.  Lots of decent people believe they're presenting truth and objection to our controllers.  All of them have been compromised and they don't even know it.  For all of those well-meaning people though, there are more insidious paid agents who are actively working to prevent any useful opposition from being seen by anyone.

Famous people are all corrupt.  No matter what they say, they're famous for a reason.  They obeyed the Rothschild family and their agents, didn't make waves and did as they were told.  They are well paid to present information that sounds like it favors the slaves.  All of us are the slaves, trust me, this will become clear to you.

The Rothschild family is the family who rules Earth.  Many have never heard of them.  Their wealth is estimated to be at least $400 trillion.  Nobody will ever have a solid figure because everything they do is kept hidden.  They own all the governments and corporations so they can do whatever they want and they're certainly not going to arrest themselves to start asking themselves questions.  They own all of the major media so their name never appears anyplace unless they want it there for some reason that we probably don't understand.  They manage all of the propaganda that you see on TV, in newspapers and on the internet.  They own all of the banks and control all of the money on the planet.

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This may be hard to swallow just based on my say so.  The History of the Rothschild Family will get you started in understanding their power.  A little more depth is found in The Synagogue of Satan which is mentioned in the Bible, Revelations, chapter 2, verse 9.  The Rothschilds also wrote The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion  which seems to be a work that was updated over the years from its start in 1773. The Protocols is Rothschild's plan to control the planet and that plan calls for most of us to die, after he takes all of our money from us which he has already done.  Our money is all counterfeit  and worthless since Rothschild has all the gold which he stole from us through his Federal Reserve and his central banks that control the money of all but three countries.  The Money Masters describes how the FED really works so that Rothschild can continue robbing all of us.  It's a three and a half hour long documentary and well worth the time to watch it.  To find out how Rothschild created the Federal Reserve in 1913, The Creature From Jekyll Island gives you the details.

Once you understand the information in the above links, then you can start to see the deception that is all around you.  If it's in the media, including the internet, almost all of it is dishonest.  The trick is being able to find that tiny bit of honesty that's available for us to see versus the mass of deception that is usually disguised as the truth.

Consider politics.  No honest statement is ever made by any Democrat or Republican.  All of their lies and scripted communication are based off of the grand deception that is the Federal Reserve.  Congress never truly argues over budgets and spending.  That's all a ruse to fool voters into electing them.  They always have an unlimited budget and can spend whatever they want.  The FED will always lend them as much money as they want since the whole object of the deception is to break Americans by forcing them to pay more taxes and spend more of their pay due to inflation which is intentionally caused by the FED.

No Democrat or Republican will ever admit that Congress is required to issue our money at zero interest and zero debt.  If they did this, there would be no need to collect any taxes and that would destroy the Rothschilds' scheme to conquer us and totally enslave us.  So, every member of Congress accepts their bribes from Rothschild and they agree to keep their mouths shut.  They then read their scripts that tell them what to say in public to make people believe that they're trying to fix our economic woes.  You have to laugh because their solution is always the same.  They always blame the other party and assure us that with their party in power, everything will improve.  This never happens.  The economy always becomes weaker and more bits of freedom always vanish in the process.

Besides the obvious political lies, let's look at how they use propaganda to abet their acting careers while they play the role of a member of Congress on the national stage.  They need lots of help to fool the public into voting for them so they have to have liars in place everywhere in the country to make average people think that one party is better than the other.

Democrats play on the emotions of women, gays, people in unions, Blacks and Spanish speaking people while Republicans assault the well off, males, veterans, professional people and those in good paying jobs within the slavery system.  It's all a game to the paid wizards who write the propaganda and promote it.  A few liars start screaming about women's rights and before you know it, they have convinced women that it's OK to have all the abortions they want  since part of the grand scheme is to reduce the population.  They organize things like "slut walks" where some paid shills march down the street claiming that being a slut is their right and they want to tell everyone how proud they are of sleeping with lots of men.  Most women just don't think like this but that attitude is supported by TV and gradually, attitudes change.  Lots of women have trouble coping with the mental aftermath of abortions.  The propaganda wizards don't care about this.  If women wind up with mental problems because of it, that's one less fully functioning brain to get in their way. That's their attitude.

On the other side of this issue, Republican liars scream about having to pay for abortions  and some of them act morally superior to show what good religious people they are while they help the FED rob you.  If they wanted to stop the psychological warfare that perverts attitudes, they could but instead, they use this as a rallying cry to enlist votes for themselves while they bash the Democrats.  It never matters to these psychopaths what the other party does as long as it can be used to rally their own supporters against the other side.

A good example of Republican deception is gun control.  The Republicans claim to be strongly opposed to all gun control to fool the veterans and the mostly male followers who think they know what the 2nd amendment is all about into giving them votes.  The shills who organize the guns rights rallies and give the speeches though are all playing a game to rope their followers into being slaughtered if they do try to use their guns against our 100% corrupt government.  You see, the Bill of Rights is not just individual amendments to be taken by themselves.  It's a complete work, devised to be used as such where all amendments work together for the protection of citizens against the corruption of the government by lawyers.

The key to the 2nd amendment being effective is the 1st amendment and free speech.  The 4th amendment right to freedom from search and seizure also comes into play but the shills who represent Republicans don't talk about the importance of these matters.  They don't want anyone to know how these three amendments work in unison.  The only important thing to the shills is opposing the Democrats who openly want to take away all guns so that Republicans can win votes.

If you try to become involved with the pro gun people and help them see the value of having free and open communication amongst all of us, they throw you out of their groups.  They don't want their followers to know how TV stole their freedom of speech from them.  They don't want the followers to ever understand that the Federal Reserve is a private bank who robs them every day of their lives so they refuse to support the fact that no honest person is ever allowed on TV to explain this crime to the general public.  If the shills allowed that to happen by supporting the spirit and specifics of the 1st amendment, all of their followers would then know that they have the lawful authority to hang everyone in our government for robbing us for the last 100 years.  This knowledge in the hands of every citizen would be the end of the Republican and Democratic parties.

So, the Republican liars will keep this knowledge from the masses and they will bend slowly to the devious demands of the Democrats for background checks.  The background checks will be overseen by corrupt psychiatrists who will classify anyone with a fully functional brain who knows that we should hang the whole government as a terrorist and prevent them from being able to buy a gun.  Then, cops will be sent into their homes in violation of the 4th amendment to steal their guns and the politicians will have changed the laws to allow this violation.  These people still won't be able to communicate with each other in groups of more than a handful and no true opposition to the government will be able to be organized.  Does this help you see why Pro Gun Republicans won't tell the truth about freedom of speech that vanished when Rothschild bought all of the TV networks about 70 years ago?  You are at the mercy of the liars when they organize all the rallies and they do all of the speaking.  They would never allow me to speak at one of these rallies and tell you the whole plan.  Their plan is to make you fight for your guns  but to keep you ignorant about everything else so they can slowly help the Democrats take your guns away.  Remember, no Democrat or Republican will ever tell you the truth about anything.  I know, the vast majority of the public can't accept that fact.  That's why you lost your freedom though.  We all believed liars at some point in our lives and, for most people, they never know they have been lied to.  The majority will keep voting for the criminals until the day they die, blissfully ignorant about what's really going on.

I'm only offering a snippet of the deception here because I know that Protocol #12 is going to censor me and hardly anyone will ever see this.  Protocol #12 says this:  "WE CONTROL THE PRESS.  NOT A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL REACH THE PUBLIC WITHOUT OUR CONTROL. "
If you ever learn the truth about one of the many deceptions around you and try to write about it, you will learn, as I have,  that no matter what you do, there are agents everywhere who will work very hard to shut you up and make you invisible.  You will have your reputation smeared and virtually nobody will talk to you for fear of being ostracized from the groups who follow the controlled opposition liars who make the masses believe that they are the truth tellers who are leading the fight for justice.  That's just the way our world is now.  It won't stop me from telling the whole truth but they will stop almost everyone from seeing it.

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