Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Own the United States

The owners of the U.S. are being ruled by our servants.  We were brainwashed into believing that we have to take crap from our elected criminals.  Nobody understands that we have the power to fire all of them and go back to using common sense to solve problems.  Common sense works better than bribery and lying to the whole country.  I think we should try it.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Americans lost their freedom of speech about 70 years ago when the Rothschild family was allowed to buy all of the TV networks.  No matter how many times I point this out, nobody agrees with that fact.  It seems I'm the only person in the country who thinks this is important.  If TV doesn't tell people what to think, they won't think at all.

Could I be the last person capable of thinking a problem through and solving it?  I don't know.  Nobody sees what I say so it's like being locked in a prison cell.  I can say whatever I want but Protocol #12 prevents anyone from seeing it.

If I put the link to this on Facebook a hundred times, maybe one person will look at it.  They won't share it with anyone else and that's as far as it will go.  That's our freedom of speech now.  Average people can say anything but nobody ever sees it.  To have your ideas seen by large numbers of people, you have to have shills in place to promote your work.

  So, where do you find these shills if you can't communicate your thoughts in public?  They are provided for the controlled opposition liars who own the internet and exercise their lies freely and widely.  This is how the internet works to control free speech.  Thousands of liars are united against the average people who browse Facebook and other sites.  They engage in scare tactics and sharing useless news, same as the liars on TV.  They have a network of liars to tout each other's work, promoting absolute nonsense everywhere you go.

Liars are happy to scream about how corrupt the government is.  But, it ends there.  These degenerates unite to share the truth while lying to you about everything that's really important.  The important thing that these liars will never tell you is that a united people could solve every problem on Earth in about a week if they united with each other. 

I've written endlessly and made videos urging people to unite against the criminal politicians who manage our country.  A few people generally like what I have to say.  Sometimes, one comment might even earn me a hundred "likes" on Facebook.  But, there are never any comments.  Nobody tries to take the matter further by trying to plan any actions to unify the people.  I suppose this is because TV doesn't teach people that they could talk to each other and plan actions.  They just scan Facebook, see something that sounds good to them and they move on.  It's like they think that somehow our problems will magically solve themselves if people agree with each other about something. 

This attitude is part of the mind control that is being perpetrated against us.  People are taught not to rock the boat so that's what they do.  They will express their anger sometimes but that's as far as it goes.  TV taught them that yelling out the window that they're mad as hell and aren't going to take it any more is useful.  So, they go on the internet and write a rant.  It's just not useful.

Do people ever ask each other how they can reclaim their freedom from our 100% corrupt government?  If so, I never see it.  Sure, some controlled opposition wizards tell people that this is being done in secret and they just have to wait for some saviors to settle everything.  They promote false hope and lots of people fall for it.  People actually believe that some idiot on the internet is talking to the banksters who run the world to keep us enslaved and that these psychopaths are going to do something that's good for humanity.  So, they wait for that to happen.  The stupidity is mind boggling.

I started to write a book on this subject but it's a waste of time.  The deception is absolutely everywhere.  Nobody will ever see what I have to say so it would be a lot of hours spent in vain.  I gave out a couple of solutions that would rid us of all lawyers, banksters and politicians so quickly it would make their heads spin. But, those solutions require the masses to share the solutions and the masses refuse to do that.  I have to conclude they want to remain slaves.  Most have no clue that they are slaves.  The freedom that Americans once enjoyed has been gone for 100 years and the dopes still wave their flags made in China and think they're free.  I can't reach them but I wrote this anyhow to try.  Perhaps someday, people will find this and read it.  If they ask questions, I have the answers.  I think I'm done though because the censorship on the internet is pervasive and I can't find that team of shills that the controlled opposition liars have to help me.  The liars will prevail and humanity will never enjoy the paradise that they could have had by the end of the week.  Yes, that's how simple it really is if people share solutions.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Psychological Warfare Liars

Everything you see on the internet that complains about our government is well contrived lies.  These psychological warfare agents rant and rave, urging you to protest, write to Congress and share their posts that spell out the corruption.  HOWEVER, these LIARS never tell you that we have the power to unite and fire every elected and appointed official in the USA.  That's the truth they refuse to share with anyone.  WE the PEOPLE have to seize the initiative and unite our country against all of the lawyers, bankers, democrats and republicans and throw all of them out of Washington, D.C..  WE have to do this now.

I could use ideas on how we can communicate this to the whole country.  Where can we meet and have every citizen see the plan?  If you want your freedom, we have to act, right now.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cancel Student Loans, Free Tuition for All

This is a simple solution to a simple problem.  You don't know it's a simple problem because you've been lied to and taught that the problem is a lot more complicated than it really is.  When you take a loan from this government, they borrow money from the Federal Reserve.  The Fed creates the money and loans it to you with the government acting as a middle man so they make money off of the interest you pay.  This is illegal.

The Fed is a private bank that can't exist and can not create money.  It says so in Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution where it states that Congress shall have the power to coin money.  It doesn't state anywhere in the Constitution that Congress can give away or take bribes to sell this authority to anyone.  So, that means that everything the fed has done since 1913 was illegal.  All of that money that was "loaned" by the FED is counterfeit and nobody has to pay any of it back to the banks or the government for "loaning" it to us.

Now, the problem.  We have 535 corrupt members of Congress, 9 corrupt lawyers on the Supreme Court. a corrupt Prez and Vice-Prez and countless corrupt judges who try to force all of us to pay off these counterfeit debts with counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes.

The Solution.  You, as  a member of We the People own the USA.  So, all you, I and everyone else in the USA has to do is fire the corrupt politicians and judges.  We do that simply by uniting together to say so.  "You're fired", stated in unison by millions of Americans will do the trick and WE can unite to do that by signing an updated copy of our Declaration of Independence.  Those millions of signatures give our police and military an order to arrest all of our politicians and to seize the TV networks so we can tell the whole country the truth.  This cancels all debt for all of us.  We issue United States Notes, everyone starts fresh and nobody loses anything except the banks and the corrupt politicians, judges and lawyers who are all accomplices of the banksters.

Do you "get it"?  It's so simple it can't be true, right?  Wrong, it IS true.  All that has to happen is for people to share this and talk about it in as many places as possible so that the whole country sees how easy it is to get rid of our corrupt officials.  Ask questions, unite and we will fix our country, for free. Cancel all of the bogus debt the banksters and Congress have foisted upon us.  The debt isn't real.  It's an illusion and you have to see through it to stop this crime.

Friday, November 14, 2014


The conclusion comes first here.  Humanity must unite against all lawyers, politicians and bankers.  There is no need for any bloodshed.  WE must do this now.  WE can free the whole planet in a matter of days and end all worries and hardships.  All YOU have to do is accept YOUR responsibility to fire our criminals from power.  YOUR responsibility here is to YOURSELF.

When I stand in the street and yell: "Hey all you politicians, lawyers and bankers, You're all fired.", someone is going to throw a net over me and drag me off to the looney bin.  When I write the idea on paper,  I'm still going to be written off as a lunatic.  People believe they have to follow rules and we're afraid to stand up by ourselves and fire all of the people who make the rules.

When two of us decide to do this, we're just a couple of nuts.  When a third person joins us,  we're a few screwballs.  Add a fourth person and we're a group of weirdos.  A fifth person might make us a gang of goofballs and a sixth person might make us a gang of psychos.

At some point, we will be identified as people who want "change we can believe in" if we grow large enough and a politician will be appointed to misrepresent us and tell us nice lies.  Some lawyers or other highly trained and skilled liars would even be given media coverage to pervert the true goals of our group and lead us to believe that the lawyers and politicians are genuinely concerned about our plight and will use their superior brain to make slow changes to the system and lead us to the "promised land".

This is how all controlled opposition works.  WE, the common people, don't have access to the media so "saviors" are appointed to lead us and sell us out.  These people are allowed to tell the truth and rant and rave all they want to present the cause of whatever group they represent.  They re never allowed to call for the removal of all of our politicians, lawyers and bankers.  They thus keep us trapped under the control of the bankers who control the lawyers and politicians.

If you agree that the USA and our freedom are in big trouble and you have been trying to find people who want to do something to fix this, I can guarantee that you have run into controlled opposition.  You probably trust some of them and I'm going to have a tough time convincing you that these people are liars.  Let's name some of these liars who are being paid to prevent you from ever having freedom:
Alex Jones
David Icke
Jesse Ventura
Veterans Today
Michael Rivero
Lew Rockwell
Russia Today
Ron Paul
Gary Franchi
Jenny McCarthy
Storm Clouds Gathering
One People's Public Trust
All Democrats
All Republicans
Al Sharpton
General Paul Vallely
All "Veterans" groups
All Second Amendment groups
Bill Still
Gary Johnson
All Alien Disclosure groups
Dr Ben Carson
All Disaster prep groups
All 911 truth groups
All lawyers
All Gay rights groups
All Women's rights groups
Dave Hodges
Chris Hedges
All Pro and Anti-Israel groups
All Pro and Anti-Muslim groups
All Pro and Anti-Catholic groups
All "alternative law" rhetoric
All White rights groups
All Black rights groups
All Spanish Speaking rights groups
All anti-GMO groups
All anti-vaccine groups
US Army
US Marines
US Air Force
US Navy
All Pro and anti- Cop rhetoric
All Police
All Sheriffs
All Judges
All Help the Homeless groups
All Alzheimer's groups
All Pro marijuana groups
The Tea Party
Both sides of Common Core
Judge Napolitano
The Venus Project
Green Party
Phony Whistleblowers like Assange and Snowden
AND, any group or individual who is not advising you to unite all of humanity against our governments.

All of the above named liars tell you the truth to some extent.  All of them are also divisive and that's by design.  None of them advise you that our government is 100% corrupt and that the corrupt individuals have to be removed  for us to reclaim our freedom.

Some of these people promote fear.  Some promote false hope that things are happening behind the scenes that will fix things.  Some promote saviors or tout themselves as saviors.  None of them urge you to act in unity to take down our corrupt system that stole our freedom.  If they can provoke you to do nothing, they win.

Reading their propaganda, "sharing" and "liking" it on Facebook and even joining in some protests never achieves anything.  That's what these controlled opposition psychological warfare agents want.  They want you to waste your time reading their "newly discovered" truth and sharing their carefully worded captioned pictures to inform the public and "wake them up".  They want you to write to politicians because they know the politicians are going to laugh at you.  They want to make you angry and lead you to waste your righteous anger on useless actions.

These people and groups who many of you follow are your enemies.  They ask you to appeal to our government to fix things, or to join with "right-minded" people against "wrong-thinking" people, or to opt out of the system, or to wait for good aliens to save us when they swoop down in their UFOs or for some "god" to show up and crush the evil for you.

Whatever you believe is immaterial.When you don't stand up for yourself, you lose.  The only solution to our plight as humans is to remove everyone in positions of power over us.

Why do they have power over us?  Is it because we elected them?  Of course not.  They control us with money.  They control what we think with TV and they control our opposition to them on the internet.  Do you think you'll ever hear a politician explain how we could exist without money?  Their job is always to rob you to ensure that you are controlled by your debt so that you remain subservient to the bankers.  Lawyers make laws so that, if you don't conform to all the rules for using money that you are punished with higher interest rates, inability to find work and trouble finding a place to rent if your credit history identifies you as a poor risk.  So, you comply because you think you can't do anything to change the system or abolish the system.

I don't believe the propaganda and the brainwashing that tells me I'm a bad person if I don't want to comply with these rules that tell me I'm a slave to money.  You see, I think we're all equal.  I don't think baseball players or CEOs are worth $25 million a year while other people are worth nothing because some CEOs shipped their jobs to China and they can't find work.  Our system tells us that these people should lose their homes and starve.  That's what our system does.  I disagree with that.

We all have value and we all contribute in some way to the good of the whole.  If you agree that we should fire all of our leaders, ban money and set goals to improve our lives on Earth, and you tell other people how we can unite to achieve this, then you will contribute more to humanity than any politician ever will contribute.  That simple act of talking to a friend is a positive for every person on Earth.  The greedy CEO will never make that contribution because all he will ever care about is satisfying his own greed and the profit motive of his company.

There aren't any corporations that have a goal of improving our existence as humanity.  There's no profit in something like that so it doesn't exist.  You can't find a job that pays you to work towards that end.  Lots of machines have been invented that make things easier for us but they also decrease the need for labor which takes away jobs and increases poverty.  If humanity united to contribute to the good of the whole, machines that reduced labor would be good for all of us because they would increase leisure time without regard for money.

What if we had lie detectors attached to all of our politicians that delivered electric shocks to them every time they did something dishonest?  That would eliminate the need for people to watch them to decipher their bogus rhetoric.  We wouldn't need anyone to file complaints or prosecute them, or corrupt judges to find excuses to let them off the hook for robbing us.  We wouldn't need dishonest TV "reporters" to justify their crimes and we wouldn't need lying "journalists" to "spin" their theft or lawyers hide the evidence.  We could all observe the politician jumping around and screaming in pain after he was zapped with a few volts of electricity and we he would be removed from office for being a thief without any need for a trial.

What if we banned money?  Then the corrupt politicians would have no incentive to solicit bribes to win elections so they could help the people who bribe them rob the rest of us.  We might find intelligent people to run for office who actually had good ideas to benefit humanity instead of just lying to us and robbing us like they do now.

What benefits can humanity gain by banning money?  We can eliminate the professions that reward people for fleecing as many people as possible.  Nobody will miss telemarketers who annoy you with robocalls.  Scam artists will vanish since they'll have no reason to rob you.  Homeless people won't be trying to bum money from you since there won't be any more homeless people.  There won't be any pickpockets, purse snatchers, armed robbers, bill collectors, stockbrokers, accountants, financial planners,  bankers, meter readers, meter maids, tax collectors, toll takers, insurance companies, salespeople, TV commercials, money launderers, bookies, pimps, hookers, realtors,casinos, gamblers, armored car guards, etc. and there will be a lot less lawyers.

There may still be a demand for drugs like cocaine, heroin and other things but where will the drug dealers come from if there is no money?  Will men seek to get women hooked on drugs so they can sell them drugs for sex?  Will the elimination of money go a long way towards eliminating the need for people to want to escape into the world of drugs?  Will free beer and marijuana turn everyone into drunks or will they want to stay stoned all the time?  Is there a limit to alcohol and marijuana use that should be imposed somehow to prevent people from destroying themselves?  I don't think you can stop an alcoholic from drinking if that's what you want to do.  I don't have an answer for this.  I think the same thing applies to those who smoke pot every day.

I don't think anyone cares if some people want to drink and drug every day as long as they do something useful and don't hurt anyone else.  If we remove the profit motive though, maybe fewer people will be led down that path.  It serves the banksters well to keep people drunk and stoned.  With the banksters out of the picture, maybe we can encourage better ways to enjoy this life instead of glorifying getting high on TV.

So, after we eliminate the criminal professions, legal and illegal, the people who work in those sectors of the economy can do something useful and ease the burden on those who do work that benefits society.  Maybe the controlled opposition liars who prevent people from defeating our enemies in Congress now can even go on TV and explain why and how they preyed on their victims.  The millions of people who serve the top level criminals to control humanity with money think they're just doing their jobs and being good little rule followers.  They're going to be in for a shock when they learn how malevolent their professions truly were.  The whole scam on humanity will need to be explained to them.  It will be important to forgive everyone for the roles they played for profit.  Telling the truth will be valued.  We will no longer have to engage in unethical behavior over money and it will be good for all to talk about the plethora of scams and llok back and laugh at them.

Eliminate money and we can produce all the goods and services we need with a lot less labor for everyone.  CEOs and people who built giant corporations won't like this and that's just too bad.  We're going to keep their corporations operating if they provide something useful.  Monsanto, Goldman Sachs and other profiteers who harm humanity can go away.  If Monsanto provides something useful, we can keep that segment of their operation running.  Yes, we're going to seize corporations to be managed by people for the benefit of humanity.  If the owners don't like it, too bad.  They can change their profit goals  and contribute to a new goal to help the human race or they can retire.

Will everyone have Porsches, mansions and yachts?  No.  The people who own these things can keep them.  Can everyone have an ocean front house in the North for the summer and another one in Florida for the winter?  No.  We will have to manage wants versus needs and we can make lots of improvements when they're not all based on money.  It will be a process for rich and poor to accept each other as equals.  That psychological adjustment is not the subject of this essay.  This is about destroying the control of humanity by a few ultra-rich degenerates.

YOU have the power to fix our existence on this planet.  If you read this, pass it on and talk about it, it can reach the whole country in a matter of days.  This is all it takes to end all of the suffering and greed that makes humanity a species that is failing itself.  We can exist without even considering any more wars, mass murdering each other to serve bankers and other insane reasons.  War is the stupidest thing imaginable.  YOU can end all of this moronic behavior just by saying so.  Please do it.  UNITE.  Unite to remove the criminals from power.  Don't believe one word any politician says.  Just throw them all out.

Comment here or join a group on Facebook to begin that unifying process.  As numbers increase, we will have the ability to act as one united force, and impose our will as The People on the degenerates who we call politicians, lawyers and bankers.  Improving Earth is up to YOU.  Will YOU do it?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Fire Congress

The real issues are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Money is not supposed to be an issue at all. Everything is reduced to money because the two parties have to keep brainwashing us with that scam.
You can explain the theft by the Federal Reserve to people and they continue arguing about "financial responsibility". They don't want to believe that everything the banks do is theft. They don't want to accept that we can wipe out all debt in a second and nobody would be hurt except the banksters and lawyers.
The Protocols of the L:earned Elders of Zion spells out the whole financial plan to destroy our country and control the whole planet. The banksters began to write that plan in 1773 and, after 101 years of the Federal Reserve, they have succeeded. They hired lawyers to make our laws too confusing for any one person to understand. This is not a problem because we can delete all of those laws in a heartbeat. Every law and legal term can be erased from our lives just because we say so. It really is that simple.
People mistakenly think that these things are over their heads and they have to rely on educated people to make sense out of it and look out for their interests for them. That's the way our system was designed, to confuse everyone and make us think that it's impossible for us to beat it, that we have to hire lawyers to fight our battles for us. This is why the wise men who founded the nation banned lawyers from working anywhere in our government. They knew that lawyers were a class of extremely intelligent criminals with no morals who robbed people by stealth and deception.
Some people think the answer to our criminal lawyers is to learn their language of Legalese, become as smart as they are and be able to defeat them in court. This may sound good on paper but when you go to court there is always a lawyer sitting their in robes playing the role of a judge and that person is always corrupt. It never matters how smart you are because the lawyer/judge just pretends that your arguments don't exist and rules against you. If you challenge the corrupt judge, he threatens you with contempt for being smarter than he is and throws you in jail for awhile if you refuse to obey him. You can cite the Constitution and all the case law you want and the judge ignores all of it. That's reality.
The solution is easy. We can unite to remove all of these lawyers and judges from our lives. Does that frighten you? Are you afraid that some judge will lock you up for deciding to unite with the rest of the country to fire him? That's what they want you to think. They don't want you to grasp the fact that YOU own the country. That's right, YOU own the USA. Wrap your head around that and believe it. We're all equal partners here. WE have the final say on everything our corrupt politicians do in Washington, D.C. and our state capitols. When WE unite, we can squash the lawyers and banksters like bugs and there won't be a damn thing they can do about it.
At the moment, the lawyers have placed an obstacle in our way and that obstacle is called cops. Cops are a part of We the People who have been subverted by lawyers to become enemies of the rest of us. After decades of brainwashing, cops believe that we're civilians and they are something above that. Cops have no idea that their job is to ensure life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all Americans because they have been perverted from that job description by lawyers into becoming tax collectors and enforcers of rules made by lawyers to restrict our freedom. I even had a cop show up at my house one day because of something I wrote on my blog where I used a play on words in the title to entice readers. The cop told me I had to be careful because some undesirable person had made the frivolous claim I scared them and I could thus be charged with a thought crime. Cops aren't stupid enough on their own to take these things seriously. They have been coerced into acting like imbeciles because of threats placed on them by lawyers. Cops would be happy to be free of rules that force them to behave like escapees from asylums but they need our help. WE have to stop the lawyers from making rules for them to obey.
Cops need to learn how our politicians rob them too. They are in a difficult spot because it's their job to arrest their corrupt bosses for the white collar crimes they commit. You can't walk up to a cop and ask him to arrest your US Senator for treason because the cop is going to be fired if he does that. And, some corrupt judge would let the Senator go anyhow.
WE do have a solution to this problem and that solution is called Public Opinion. Public Opinion is the most powerful weapon that exists. WE don't necessarily need to stage marches or protests as we have been led to believe because those things last for a short time and the corrupt politicians watch the protests, have a few beers and laugh at the protesters. When it's over, they go back to the business of robbing us blind and forget about it.
Public Opinion has to be constant, the same way TV constantly reminds us of our national debt and the illusion that everything in the USA has to revolve around money and politics. WE can control Public Opinion just because there are 300 million of us and only a few thousand of them. They have TV, the newspapers and the money to put their propaganda all over the internet. WE have the internet, our cars and our property where WE can use free advertising against them. WE can talk to each other and educate each other so WE all know the basics of the crimes they're committing against us. Nobody has to understand the legal code or banking regulations. All WE have to know is that it's all deception to rob us and WE are going to unite to stop the robbery and live free.
Imagine, if you will, driving around town and seeing signs everywhere that say "Congress, You're Fired" or "Fire Congress" or something similar that's very short and easy for everyone to read. When you see one sign like this, you probably think that it's some crazy person. We've all been brainwashed to think we can't change the system and it can be scary to be the first one to put up a sign like this on your front lawn. What will the neighbors think? Is there a zoning ordinance against this? Will the cops come bother me? Instead of asking yourself these questions to restrict your own freedom of speech, you have to ask yourself different questions. Do you want your freedom back from the bankers who stole it from you? Can WE arrange to start a campaign like this to sway Public Opinion and unite the whole country against them. Can we organize a date to start an advertising campaign for our freedom so that thousands, or perhaps millions of us unite to use this form of free advertising all at once? (This is how politicians gain your votes with their signs everywhere. When they put up lots of signs, they DO sway Public Opinion and win elections. Those signs aren't free for them but we can paint ours on old pieces of wood if we want for nothing.)
I did this with my car a few years ago. I painted the words: "FLU SHOTS CAUSE AUTISM" on both sides of my car and used it to try to teach the public the dangers of vaccines. I chose those words carefully since flu shots are the vaccines that have the most mercury in them, thus the most dangerous, especially for pregnant women and their unborn babies. I was stopped every day by people who politely asked me questions about this and I was able to inform them about this hazard that is never presented in the media. After I had been driving around in this car for a couple of years, i learned that New Hampshire had the lowest percentage in the country of people who took the flu shot. I don't know that my car helped cause this but it certainly didn't hurt. It was just one car. In all that time, I think less than five people yelled insults at me and those people looked as stupid as they sounded. It didn't bother me.
What if we had millions of cars driving around that said "CONGRESS, YOU'RE FIRED" on them. Do you think that would help unite the country against our elected criminals? I do. Please invite people to unite here in this group. When numbers increase, WE can implement actions and WE will win.