Sunday, March 8, 2015


Americans lost their freedom of speech about 70 years ago when the Rothschild family was allowed to buy all of the TV networks.  No matter how many times I point this out, nobody agrees with that fact.  It seems I'm the only person in the country who thinks this is important.  If TV doesn't tell people what to think, they won't think at all.

Could I be the last person capable of thinking a problem through and solving it?  I don't know.  Nobody sees what I say so it's like being locked in a prison cell.  I can say whatever I want but Protocol #12 prevents anyone from seeing it.

If I put the link to this on Facebook a hundred times, maybe one person will look at it.  They won't share it with anyone else and that's as far as it will go.  That's our freedom of speech now.  Average people can say anything but nobody ever sees it.  To have your ideas seen by large numbers of people, you have to have shills in place to promote your work.

  So, where do you find these shills if you can't communicate your thoughts in public?  They are provided for the controlled opposition liars who own the internet and exercise their lies freely and widely.  This is how the internet works to control free speech.  Thousands of liars are united against the average people who browse Facebook and other sites.  They engage in scare tactics and sharing useless news, same as the liars on TV.  They have a network of liars to tout each other's work, promoting absolute nonsense everywhere you go.

Liars are happy to scream about how corrupt the government is.  But, it ends there.  These degenerates unite to share the truth while lying to you about everything that's really important.  The important thing that these liars will never tell you is that a united people could solve every problem on Earth in about a week if they united with each other. 

I've written endlessly and made videos urging people to unite against the criminal politicians who manage our country.  A few people generally like what I have to say.  Sometimes, one comment might even earn me a hundred "likes" on Facebook.  But, there are never any comments.  Nobody tries to take the matter further by trying to plan any actions to unify the people.  I suppose this is because TV doesn't teach people that they could talk to each other and plan actions.  They just scan Facebook, see something that sounds good to them and they move on.  It's like they think that somehow our problems will magically solve themselves if people agree with each other about something. 

This attitude is part of the mind control that is being perpetrated against us.  People are taught not to rock the boat so that's what they do.  They will express their anger sometimes but that's as far as it goes.  TV taught them that yelling out the window that they're mad as hell and aren't going to take it any more is useful.  So, they go on the internet and write a rant.  It's just not useful.

Do people ever ask each other how they can reclaim their freedom from our 100% corrupt government?  If so, I never see it.  Sure, some controlled opposition wizards tell people that this is being done in secret and they just have to wait for some saviors to settle everything.  They promote false hope and lots of people fall for it.  People actually believe that some idiot on the internet is talking to the banksters who run the world to keep us enslaved and that these psychopaths are going to do something that's good for humanity.  So, they wait for that to happen.  The stupidity is mind boggling.

I started to write a book on this subject but it's a waste of time.  The deception is absolutely everywhere.  Nobody will ever see what I have to say so it would be a lot of hours spent in vain.  I gave out a couple of solutions that would rid us of all lawyers, banksters and politicians so quickly it would make their heads spin. But, those solutions require the masses to share the solutions and the masses refuse to do that.  I have to conclude they want to remain slaves.  Most have no clue that they are slaves.  The freedom that Americans once enjoyed has been gone for 100 years and the dopes still wave their flags made in China and think they're free.  I can't reach them but I wrote this anyhow to try.  Perhaps someday, people will find this and read it.  If they ask questions, I have the answers.  I think I'm done though because the censorship on the internet is pervasive and I can't find that team of shills that the controlled opposition liars have to help me.  The liars will prevail and humanity will never enjoy the paradise that they could have had by the end of the week.  Yes, that's how simple it really is if people share solutions.


  1. Never give up on doing what is right and what is honorable as making the world a better place.

  2. It is very hard to get anyone to notice and when they notice something like your videos, or my bold statements on Facebook or YouTube; they will not comment or like or share or subscribe because they are afraid of getting criticized or arrested or killed by the CIA! This is a direct result Neo-Puritan Fascism: of Corporate Police State mind conditioning through prohibition and inhibition! This is the anonymous age of scared little rabbits; angry and vulgar insecure little toads hiding behind screen name pseudonyms!

    We have been taught by the cold war to be suspicious and unethical individual CIA agents: we lie and cheat in the shadows and hide away in secret circles of isolated friends (who often think they are better than the other jerks out there-the great "THEY"). Separate, isolated, unequal and alone against a hostile world where no one ever tells the truth about anything; we have degenerated into a society without a culture; a modern technological world without civilization! Personal bias has replaced ethics; and justice and all government is bought and paid for at $7.25/hr. wage slave auctions! And all we can do my brother in Liberty; is do what we can until they start waking this life or the next...."All that I was really doing is waiting for you!" John Lennon.

  3. John I agree with you 100%, I have shared your videos on my Facebook page. I told many of the people on YouTube also. I will be spreading the word to everyone I know. God Bless you for your time and good work.

  4. Thanks, Craig. People have to embrace the fact that all of us stand as authorities above our elected servants. When we start uniting with that attitude, we will win.


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