Thursday, January 8, 2015

Psychological Warfare Liars

Everything you see on the internet that complains about our government is well contrived lies.  These psychological warfare agents rant and rave, urging you to protest, write to Congress and share their posts that spell out the corruption.  HOWEVER, these LIARS never tell you that we have the power to unite and fire every elected and appointed official in the USA.  That's the truth they refuse to share with anyone.  WE the PEOPLE have to seize the initiative and unite our country against all of the lawyers, bankers, democrats and republicans and throw all of them out of Washington, D.C..  WE have to do this now.

I could use ideas on how we can communicate this to the whole country.  Where can we meet and have every citizen see the plan?  If you want your freedom, we have to act, right now.