Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Fire Congress

The real issues are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Money is not supposed to be an issue at all. Everything is reduced to money because the two parties have to keep brainwashing us with that scam.
You can explain the theft by the Federal Reserve to people and they continue arguing about "financial responsibility". They don't want to believe that everything the banks do is theft. They don't want to accept that we can wipe out all debt in a second and nobody would be hurt except the banksters and lawyers.
The Protocols of the L:earned Elders of Zion spells out the whole financial plan to destroy our country and control the whole planet. The banksters began to write that plan in 1773 and, after 101 years of the Federal Reserve, they have succeeded. They hired lawyers to make our laws too confusing for any one person to understand. This is not a problem because we can delete all of those laws in a heartbeat. Every law and legal term can be erased from our lives just because we say so. It really is that simple.
People mistakenly think that these things are over their heads and they have to rely on educated people to make sense out of it and look out for their interests for them. That's the way our system was designed, to confuse everyone and make us think that it's impossible for us to beat it, that we have to hire lawyers to fight our battles for us. This is why the wise men who founded the nation banned lawyers from working anywhere in our government. They knew that lawyers were a class of extremely intelligent criminals with no morals who robbed people by stealth and deception.
Some people think the answer to our criminal lawyers is to learn their language of Legalese, become as smart as they are and be able to defeat them in court. This may sound good on paper but when you go to court there is always a lawyer sitting their in robes playing the role of a judge and that person is always corrupt. It never matters how smart you are because the lawyer/judge just pretends that your arguments don't exist and rules against you. If you challenge the corrupt judge, he threatens you with contempt for being smarter than he is and throws you in jail for awhile if you refuse to obey him. You can cite the Constitution and all the case law you want and the judge ignores all of it. That's reality.
The solution is easy. We can unite to remove all of these lawyers and judges from our lives. Does that frighten you? Are you afraid that some judge will lock you up for deciding to unite with the rest of the country to fire him? That's what they want you to think. They don't want you to grasp the fact that YOU own the country. That's right, YOU own the USA. Wrap your head around that and believe it. We're all equal partners here. WE have the final say on everything our corrupt politicians do in Washington, D.C. and our state capitols. When WE unite, we can squash the lawyers and banksters like bugs and there won't be a damn thing they can do about it.
At the moment, the lawyers have placed an obstacle in our way and that obstacle is called cops. Cops are a part of We the People who have been subverted by lawyers to become enemies of the rest of us. After decades of brainwashing, cops believe that we're civilians and they are something above that. Cops have no idea that their job is to ensure life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all Americans because they have been perverted from that job description by lawyers into becoming tax collectors and enforcers of rules made by lawyers to restrict our freedom. I even had a cop show up at my house one day because of something I wrote on my blog where I used a play on words in the title to entice readers. The cop told me I had to be careful because some undesirable person had made the frivolous claim I scared them and I could thus be charged with a thought crime. Cops aren't stupid enough on their own to take these things seriously. They have been coerced into acting like imbeciles because of threats placed on them by lawyers. Cops would be happy to be free of rules that force them to behave like escapees from asylums but they need our help. WE have to stop the lawyers from making rules for them to obey.
Cops need to learn how our politicians rob them too. They are in a difficult spot because it's their job to arrest their corrupt bosses for the white collar crimes they commit. You can't walk up to a cop and ask him to arrest your US Senator for treason because the cop is going to be fired if he does that. And, some corrupt judge would let the Senator go anyhow.
WE do have a solution to this problem and that solution is called Public Opinion. Public Opinion is the most powerful weapon that exists. WE don't necessarily need to stage marches or protests as we have been led to believe because those things last for a short time and the corrupt politicians watch the protests, have a few beers and laugh at the protesters. When it's over, they go back to the business of robbing us blind and forget about it.
Public Opinion has to be constant, the same way TV constantly reminds us of our national debt and the illusion that everything in the USA has to revolve around money and politics. WE can control Public Opinion just because there are 300 million of us and only a few thousand of them. They have TV, the newspapers and the money to put their propaganda all over the internet. WE have the internet, our cars and our property where WE can use free advertising against them. WE can talk to each other and educate each other so WE all know the basics of the crimes they're committing against us. Nobody has to understand the legal code or banking regulations. All WE have to know is that it's all deception to rob us and WE are going to unite to stop the robbery and live free.
Imagine, if you will, driving around town and seeing signs everywhere that say "Congress, You're Fired" or "Fire Congress" or something similar that's very short and easy for everyone to read. When you see one sign like this, you probably think that it's some crazy person. We've all been brainwashed to think we can't change the system and it can be scary to be the first one to put up a sign like this on your front lawn. What will the neighbors think? Is there a zoning ordinance against this? Will the cops come bother me? Instead of asking yourself these questions to restrict your own freedom of speech, you have to ask yourself different questions. Do you want your freedom back from the bankers who stole it from you? Can WE arrange to start a campaign like this to sway Public Opinion and unite the whole country against them. Can we organize a date to start an advertising campaign for our freedom so that thousands, or perhaps millions of us unite to use this form of free advertising all at once? (This is how politicians gain your votes with their signs everywhere. When they put up lots of signs, they DO sway Public Opinion and win elections. Those signs aren't free for them but we can paint ours on old pieces of wood if we want for nothing.)
I did this with my car a few years ago. I painted the words: "FLU SHOTS CAUSE AUTISM" on both sides of my car and used it to try to teach the public the dangers of vaccines. I chose those words carefully since flu shots are the vaccines that have the most mercury in them, thus the most dangerous, especially for pregnant women and their unborn babies. I was stopped every day by people who politely asked me questions about this and I was able to inform them about this hazard that is never presented in the media. After I had been driving around in this car for a couple of years, i learned that New Hampshire had the lowest percentage in the country of people who took the flu shot. I don't know that my car helped cause this but it certainly didn't hurt. It was just one car. In all that time, I think less than five people yelled insults at me and those people looked as stupid as they sounded. It didn't bother me.
What if we had millions of cars driving around that said "CONGRESS, YOU'RE FIRED" on them. Do you think that would help unite the country against our elected criminals? I do. Please invite people to unite here in this group. When numbers increase, WE can implement actions and WE will win.

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